how to install restored packages with one command

Asked by parasharas on 2007-02-06

I am using ubuntu edgy and there are more than 1000 packages downloaded and installed when i made iso image of all packages they made 2 cd's now i install same ubuntu edgy on new machine and firstly install aptoncd and restore images both cd's. My first good result was no need to download updates they upgraded locally but other packages not installed automatically when i installed acroread that was in cache so not download but installed locally Now i want to install all program/packages from cache with one command please help.

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Best Rafael Proença (cypherbios) said : #1


If you selected the option 'Create an Meta-Package' while created the APTonCD media, should gave you an meta-package called 'aptoncd-metapackage' on the media, this package contains all packages in the media as dependency. So, you just need to add the media as APT source (by selecting Add CD/DVD, in the APTonCD Restore tab), then install the 'aptoncd-metapackage', this will show you what packages will be installed.

The meta-package is experimental, and if has conflicted packages in the media, this shouldn't work properly.

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parasharas (parasharas) said : #2

This is a good answer but not full answer so before "This Solved my Problem" I want to say some more Aptoncd made 2 cd of downloaded packages in my case when I restored both cd on new machine (No fast internet connection there) they added in cache but not installed so there were two way 1 burn 2cd and add them in repository with add cdrom or not burn image but mount them and add them as repository for fast installing or optional installing. I choose second one
sudo -s
root@parasharas:/home/swr# mount -o loop /media/hda6/linux/aptoncd-20070131-CD1.iso /media/cdrom
root@parasharas:/home/swr# sudo apt-cdrom -m -d=/media/cdrom0 add
and Repeat this process for the rest of the CDs in your set.

now added line also in /etc/fstab for auto mounting iso images
/media/hda6/linux/aptoncd-20070131-CD1.iso /media/cdrom iso9660 ro,loop,auto 0 0
and lastly
apt-get update
now with synaptic all uninstall package which are showing installed easyly and in this process other ubuntu dvd iso image without burning added sucessfully

simurg56 (simurg56) said : #3

Hi, thanks. This one solved my problem too.