Can I select a Character style from XHTML chunk?

Asked by Luc Saffre on 2014-10-28

When using the "do text from xhtml()" clause, I want to get certain parts of a paragraph in a different font (e.g. Times Roman while the default font is Arial).

The documentation says:

pod uses the styles found in the pod template and tries to make a correspondence between style information in the XHTML chunk and styles present in the pod template. By default, when pod encounters a XHTML element: * it checks if a "class" attribute is defined on this element. If yes, and if a style with the same "display name" is found in the OpenDocument template, this style will be used. The "display name" of an OpenDocument style is the name of the style as it appears in OpenOffice, for example;

Now I tried the following:

<p class="MyStyle">Foo <font class="VariableText">bar</font></p>

on a template with a paragraph style named "MyStyle" and a Character style named "VariableText".
The paragraph style is being applied, but the character style not.

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi Luc,
The "font" tag may not be supported by pod. Could you try with a "span" tag instead?

Luc Saffre (luc-saffre) said : #2

I tried, but that didn't change anything.

Here is a zip file (temporary location) with my example files:

* Default.odt : appy pod template (containing the character style "VariableText")
* aids.IncomeConfirmation-6.odt : result file (The text "JJ//124/6" should be in Times Roman (as defined by VariableText), but is in Arial and has no character style attributed.
* certificate.body.html : Jinja2 template which is used to generate the xhtml (where you can see the <span> tag.


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Hi Luc,
I have committed a patch for this problem. Now, styles applied on "span" tags shoud work.
Could you retry ?

Hi Gaetan,

did this change make it to the 0.9.2 release on PyPI? I would like to contribute a test for this feature. Could you also link to the revision of the commit?