Comments are seen as empty, even though they're not

Asked by Mathieu Agopian on 2010-12-29


i've been trying and playing around with pod for a few hours now, and it looks like a very nice and clever solution.

On to my issue: i'm trying to use "notes" to specify POD statements like:

"do row for foo in bar"

To do that, i place the cursor on the beginning of the first cell of a row, and insert a "comment" (CTRL + ALT + N). I believe a "note" is in fact a "comment", as i nowhere see anything closer to what looks like a note in your examples.

However, when i render the template to an odt file, there's a comment, where i created mine, stating:

"Syntax error while parsing a note whose content is "[]". In a note, you may .........."

I don't get why it's saying there's no content, when there's one.
I also tried some other statements like :

"do text from xhtml('<p>test</p>')"

but those too ended the same way.

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P.S: in the docs, you state that to convert to pdf, you need openoffice started in server mode, and thus, need a X server installed and running. However, i found out in various places, including that it is indeed possible (and fairly easy) to install openoffice and launch it in headless mode.

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I also tried putting my comments on two lines, but that had the same effect :

do text
from '<text:p>test</text:p>'

It still tells me that my comment is "[]" (which isn't much, is it? ;)



Yes, this is right, "from ..." must be on a single line.
The bug you encounter is pretty old: it happens with old POD versions that are given templates that run with OpenOffice >= 3.0. What POD version do you use?
Note that the eggified version of appy.pod on PyPy is deprecated (easy_installl appy.pod). A pretty good old zip file is available on this website.

Thanks Gaëtan Delannay, that solved my question.

Tobia (tobia) said : #4

This bug might be old, but until a newer version is made available on the pip index, everybody wil get bitten by it.

Seriously, why can't POD be installed with pip like everything else?