Python 3 ?

Asked by Stefano on 2010-10-20

Is POD ready for python 3 ?

Thanks !

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Hi! I don't know. Never had the time to test it yet. Did you try ?? Feedback is welcome!

Stefano (mie-iscrizioni) said : #2

haven't tried for now, but since my distro (Archlinux) is switching to python3 as default env., my situation is that seems reportlab isn't ready for python3, so now i'm watching around to find an alternative solution ;-)
Today i've found POD, but i haven't found info on its python3 support so asked here ;-)

For sure. With POD, you create your document template with OpenOffice Writer (or another ODF-compliant word processor like KOffice). So everything you can do with OpenOffice, you can do it with POD. After this, you have to insert "dynamic" content by writing, in your document, special instructions written in Python, as "notes" or "track-changed" text. This is rather simple to use. You can consult the documentation at

Stefano (mie-iscrizioni) said : #5

great, thanks !
Hope it does work with python 3 ! ;-)

Luc Saffre (luc-saffre) said : #6

Stefano, your last comment was that you *hope* that it works. Can you confirm whether it actually does work for you?

Nicholas Dietz (poleguy) said : #7

I've been using appy pod on python 2.

I just started switching a bunch of automated test code over to python 3, and appy is the one piece that didn’t go smoothly. I had to move to the port by Stefan Klug:

It seems you are a one man shop, and I looked to see if you had published a roadmap to port this code to python 3. Since I didn’t see one, I’m reaching out to see what your plans are?

It seems like enough of the code works in the Klug port for me to hobble on, but I’d like to move back to using the official appy version to take advantage of future bug fixes, etc.

I had to merge in a bunch of stuff from a more recent appy version to get images to work correctly... it was a pain, but it's working now.

If you need some help porting to python 3, can I assist in any way?

Luc Saffre (luc-saffre) said : #8

Hi Nicholas,

Gaetan is working on a Python 3 version of Appy:

And I believe that it is ready for a release