How to authenticate apport-retrace to Launchpad?

Asked by Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff on 2012-04-17

How do I authenticate apport-retrace to Launchpad?
man apport-retrace mentions using cookies.txt from Firefox profile, but Firefox has migrated to SQLite for storing cookies, and I'm not sure if LP uses cookies at all.

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I've tried generating cookies.txt with but I get the following error:
"ERROR: connecting to Launchpad failed: File contains no section headers.
file: cookies.txt, line: 5"

Best Martin Pitt (pitti) said : #2

python-launchpadlib does not use cookies at all. Instead, if you call apport-retrace the first time, it should pop up a Launchpad web page in your browser where you need to authenticate. It will also print "please look at that LP time and then get back to me".

It will store the credentials in ~/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials, unless you specify a different path with --auth.

Thanks Martin Pitt, that solved my question.

It didn't show LP authentication page until I passed it "--auth=~/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials", but that might be caused by me trying to use --auth=cookies.txt before. Thanks again!