Define Required Packages for Ubuntu

Asked by Thomas Ward on 2011-11-15

Please define the required prerequisite software this program will need to correctly operate on an Ubutnu platform

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aj00200 (aj00200) said : #1

 Python 2.6 (2.7 preferred)

I am not sure how we are going to handle PyCrypto since it is required but it is not in the package repos at this time. Any ideas on how to handle this best?

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #2

Do you mean this: ?

It does exist in the repositories, at least in source. Its source package is listed as python-crypto, and python-crypto exists in the standard repos under component main in Oneiric (and likely Natty onwards, but under no circumstances do I trust the Precise repositories right now)

aj00200 (aj00200) said : #3

That looks like what I am using. It should be safe but I will try to verify that soon.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #4

OK. Keep me posted ;P

In the mean time, revno 4 of the debian/ template is there :)

aj00200 (aj00200) said : #5

It appears that PyCrypto 2.4 is required. Is it possible to pull it from one of the other PPAs into this one? Ubuntu includes a version which is outdated for what we need it for.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #6

If you've got a PPA that works with your tests, throw the link my way, I'll ask the PPA owner(s) if they'd allow me to copy it from their PPA into ours.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #7

AJ: is there a tested PPA version you know of? Provide the link if so and I will look into including that PPA's version into the PPA here.

aj00200 (aj00200) said : #8

This seems to be the best PPA available and it is the one which I am using:
Otherwise, if there is some way to include 2.4.1-1 for Precise Pangolin for older version of Ubuntu, I found that information here:

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #9

I can attempt to backport within a staging PPA of mine from Precise, you can test with that... otherwise i will grab one from a PPA.

aj00200 (aj00200) said : #10

I should mention that I am not using Ubuntu anymore. Circumstances have forced me to replace my normal hard drive with a USB drive. I needed an OS which was not as bloated so I am now using #! (Crunch Bang) Linux as my normal distro. The distro is Debian based so everything should work fine but I think it would be best to note that now before I begin any testing.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #11

I do not have a Debian chroot environment, nor do I have a debian repository setup available... can you test via VirtualBox + Ubuntu?

aj00200 (aj00200) said : #12

I can probably use the PPA easily enough: . I doubt that it would cause any problems. I can also put it on my Ubuntu VPS if needed. At least one of the other devs is using Ubuntu so I can always have that person test it as well.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #13

NOTE: I am unable to backport because of a package break in the source. I will be contacting the PPA maintainer asking if I may copy their package(s) to the stable PPA.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #14