How can I help if I am not a computer tech type?

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Yes, there are places for non technical assistance both for tasks that that directly and indirectly help Anonplus in development and in the future. Remember it is a social networking tool and the heart of that is the individuals who participate and build the community to share information.

You can start by joining us to freely share information, education and activism; suggested starting points are below:

== Promote privacy ==

Become an advocate for privacy, anonymity, and free speech. Support the efforts to stop censorship and become familiar with the legislation and technology that threatens individual rights as well as the tools that help to foster a vibrant system of shared knowledge and transparency. Just because you disagree with something does not mean it should be censored and taking a right to free speech for granted is to risk losing it without a fight.

Anonplus can provide a way to find synergy with other who value the principles of free speech but we are limited and can only do so much to promote free speech and privacy. The real power and impact rests in your hands and all the individuals who have helped services that harvest personal information to grow changing to support an alternative. We all hold the keys to change. We need to free ourselves of predatory service providers and move to supporting each other by exercising our free speech and using the Anonplus tools as each becomes available.

== Translations ==

The world is getting smaller but language barriers are natural obstacles. If you have fluency in multiple languages we might need your skills at this very moment. Pleas take a look at our translation pages to see if there is anything that needs to be translated fits your language proficiency. Translation items here -->>

== Help Similar Projects ==

Tor is a powerful anonymity tool that everyone should learn to use. The project could always use more stable relays (and some more high speed relays would be great). My nodes combined run at an average of 1Mb/s (with much more available if the network load increases). We could use more Tor nodes. Also, here is a list of other ways to help the Tor project: . Helping the Tor project helps Anonplus because you can configure Anonplus to use Tor.