Will Anonplus be making a mesh network?

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You may have heard this rumor and there is some truth to it, but we do not plan to create a mesh network at this time. However, we are creating a framework which would allow for easier creation of mesh networks in the future.

One of the primary problems with mesh networks is that they do not connect to some of the places which need to be accessed. Anonplus can help by allowing data to be tunneled if there is a node which is on the mesh network as well as the normal internet. This frees up developer resources in creating the mesh network so that they do not need to worry about moving data out of the mesh network to make it useful.

Anonplus works to increase the decentralization of the internet by making it possible to run a decentralized layer which does not require today's internet infrastructure to remain intact. We can easily transition between overlay network and mesh network as needed.