How do I install Anonplus?

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Anonplus setup is very simple and the steps will walk you right through it!
First complete the preparation for Linux or Windows setup first.

If you are on Linux, do this first:

1) You will need to have gcc and python-dev installed. (for some systems: sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev)
2) Download PyCrypto from here:
3) Extract the files and run "python install" as root from a terminal. You will need to have python-dev installed for this.
4) Continue with the general steps below

If you are on Windows, do this first:

1) Download and install Python 2.7.x from here:
2) Download and install PyCrypto from here:
3) Continue with the general steps below

Once you complete Windows or Linux preparation:

1) Download Anonplus and extract the files
2) Run (in the src folder) with Python from a terminal. You will be prompted for a username and encryption keys will be generated for you.
3) After this is done, Anonplus should be installed. A browser should open with your news feed. In the future, to run Anonplus, simply run with Python.

Other notes:

1) You may need to allow 1337/udp in your router and/or firewall. This port will likely change in the future to be random.

Please check the FAQ for specific issues and if you can't find the answer please look for someone in IRC who knows.