Photocopied tests overwrite each other

Asked by lapark on 2011-05-18

When using auto-multiple-choice, if I:
1. create a test,
2. print one copy,
3. photocopy it n times (for n students to fill out),
4. obtain the completed tests, then scan them,
the AMC system reads all of the tests, but only presents me with one marked test.

I'm assuming that this is to do with the box code at the top of the test pages being the page ID. Is there any way to get the AMC system to present all results?

The tests I write are distributed to other teachers to give to students. I am in the situation where I can't expect the other teachers to generate the test files, so I give them a small set of test files (e.g. three different tests) to photocopy and distribute.

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This is not the way AMC is intended to work: all copies should be made by AMC (for example selecting the desired number of copies in the interface) and have different IDs (numbers written on the top of each page). Then you have to print all copies from AMC, and use each copy only once. This method has an obvious drawback, which is impossibility to use a photocopier, but has the following advantages:

* you can scan several times a single copy (if the first scan was not well done, or unintentionally). Data capture from the same page will replace the previous one.

* for multiple pages exams, you can just cut the upleft part of the pages (where the staple is) with a paper cutter and scan them quickly. It's not important to have the scans in a specific order: the codes on the top of them allows AMC to recognize which page is from which copy...

That's why I choose this way of working. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it is a little difficult to also allow to use AMC the way you did.

Even if other teachers cannot generate test files like you did, is it possible to give them in PDF format, so that they print them? If this is possible, you can use the ' print to files' setting to get one file per copy, or simply cut your global PDF will all copies in several parts.

I mentioned in new versions of the documentation that copies should never be photocopied. Perhaps this is not clear enough, or you used an old version of the software or the doc: please help me to improve the documentation so that other people won't have the same problem.

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