feature request: use active workspace for undock

Asked by Martin Koelewijn on 2009-04-27

Hi, I hope you are succeeding in developing this useful app. Just a feature request to think about: it would be nice if alltray recognizes the active workspace and undocks there.
Present situation: if I have a window on workspace 1, dock it, move to workspace 2 and undock, that doesn't work. I get an item in the window list, have to click that and then I move to the window on its workspace.
Option 1: undock in active workspace.
Option 2: undock to original workspace and gain focus.
Just a thought, I have no idea how difficult this would be; see what you can do with it. Maybe you can add these as options in the context menu of the tray-icon.

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Best Michael B. Trausch (mtrausch) said : #1

The current line of development for AllTray performs application docking in a more standard fashion, which lets the window manager decide what to do. I have been thinking about the first option, where if the user docks on the first workspace and undocks on the second workspace, the windows would appear on the second workspace. Seeing that it is something being asked for, I will convert this to a bug and mark it wishlist, targeted for the 0.7.3dev release, it's not a bad idea.

Thanks for asking and helping to improve AllTray!

Martin Koelewijn (vcoolio) said : #2

Thanks for the reply. You're working on it and taking remarks seriously. Today alltray decided to automatically undock and gain focus on original workspace, which is better than what I posted as previous handling. I think it has to do with Compiz and visual effects. There is a focus and raise section in the General Options tab of compiz settings manager. Not sure yet what settings does what. Maybe something to include in the FAQ or manual: interaction with window manager and what settings to use.

Anyway, it was a feature request. I'll mark the question as solved. Discussion about what is best can be done at the bug page you made for it.