What information do I need to include in a bug report?

Created by Michael B. Trausch
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Michael B. Trausch

When filing a bug report for AllTray, please include:

 * The version number of AllTray you are using (run “alltray --version” to find out)

 * The command line you are using to start AllTray and a program (for example, “alltray -na firefox &”

 * Whether or not your version of AllTray was built from a release tarball or distributed with your operating system, and if it was distributed with your operating system, what the name and version of the distribution is (e.g., AllTray with Ubuntu 8.10, or AllTray from source code)

 * The desktop environment you are using (e.g., GNOME, KDE, XFCE), if you are using one

 * The window manager you are using (e.g., Metacity, KWin, Compiz, Enlightenment, or something else altogether)

 * If you are not using a desktop environment, then the name of the software you are using to provide a system tray/notification area for AllTray to dock applications to. If this is part of your window manager, say that.

* For development releases, starting with 0.7.1dev, you can instruct AllTray to emit debugging information which may be helpful in troubleshooting and identifying bugs. You can activate this debugging output by running AllTray with a command line like "ALLTRAY_DEBUG=ALL ./alltray -D ${program}" (substituting your desired application in for ${program}, of course). If you want to make this happen _every_ time you run AllTray, you can add ALLTRAY_DEBUG=ALL and ALLTRAY_OPTIONS=-D to your environment, say in your shell's startup scripts. More information can be found in the man page for AllTray's development releases.

Of course, a proper description of the bug is helpful. Try to be as detailed as possible and if you can reliably reproduce the bug, provide extremely detailed steps in order to do so—this will help debugging significantly!

Finally, put all of this information into a bug report at https://launchpad.net/alltray/+filebug so that the bug is reported and known and can be dealt with. Thank you for taking the time to help improve AllTray!