Why doesn’t application X dock?

Created by Michael B. Trausch on on 2009-01-11
Last updated by:
Michael B. Trausch on on 2009-06-17

This FAQ applies to AllTray versions 0.70 and prior. New versions of AllTray starting with the 0.7.xdev series take an application-wide approach to docking and make this FAQ obsolete.

AllTray takes a per-window approach to docking, which means that sometimes applications will confuse it by creating a window which isn’t the main window when the program starts. For example, when you start Evolution for the first time, you will get a setup wizard, which will be what AllTray attempts to dock. Some other software will create a splash screen window which may fool AllTray into docking it instead of the main application.

One way to work around this bug would be to disable the splash screen for the software you are using, or somehow prevent it from displaying any auxiliary windows prior to displaying the main window.

This can sometimes also happen if your desktop environment and/or window manager is unsupported by AllTray.

In either case, please submit a bug report including your details: What desktop environment you are using, which window manager you are using, what program you are attempting to start up, and the command line that you are using to attempt to start the application. Bugs can be filed at https://launchpad.net/alltray/+filebug