Where is the session manager support?

Created by Michael B. Trausch on on 2009-01-11
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Michael B. Trausch on on 2009-01-11

Session management is not presently supported by AllTray. This can cause an issue when the program that you run under AllTray supports session management, since it may start up the next time that you login to your desktop environment—but it won’t be run under AllTray.

Session management support is in the plans for AllTray’s future, though it’s not 100% clear just when that will land. It is definitely going to happen, though!

To work around this for the time being, create a shell script that starts the software you want, under AllTray, and disable automatic session management in your desktop environment.

To disable session management under GNOME, go to System→Preferences→Sessions, click on the “Options” tab, and disable “Automatically remember running applications when logging out”. Then put the command to run your shell script in the “Startup Programs” tab.

For KDE, place your shell script into the ~/.kde/Autostart directory, and disable session management by going to: Control Center→Session Manager and selecting “Start with empty session”.