GTK+ Popup Window Possibility?

Asked by Twitch3z on 2008-05-06

Would it be possible to implement another tickbox in the options that would allow for an alarm to popup with a GTK+ window in addition to or instead of the notification bubble? The not. bubble goes down too fast so sometimes I'll be afk and not see what the alarm was supposed to be alarming me about; a popup window with a customizable message and a close dialog would be nice!

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Johannes H. Jensen
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Johannes H. Jensen (joh) said : #1

Good point. It is possible to make the notification bubble stay up until the user explicitly closes it - would that be satisfactory?
I'm reluctant to make yet another configuration option which does almost the same as the notification bubble though ;-)

Twitch3z (jdharvey) said : #2

I understand your reluctance and while for my purposes a window would be better, a persistent notification bubble would be sufficient and probably lots easier to code. Love the app, by the way.

Best Johannes H. Jensen (joh) said : #3

Great, will change this for the next release. :-)

Twitch3z (jdharvey) said : #4

Thanks Johannes H. Jensen, that solved my question.

Johannes H. Jensen (joh) said : #5

Updated in latest trunk. Notification bubbles will no longer automatically close unless you explicitly click them.