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install system requirements
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What hardware and software are required to install and use Ajato?

Short answer:
Ajato runs on every computer on every OS on every web server on every database server.

Long answer:
Lua runs on every computer, cell phone and some very unusual devices!
Kepler runs on every computer and some tests on cell phones!
so, Ajato runs on every computer!

Ajato uses Kepler to use Lua on Web sites. Everywhere you can run Kepler, you can run Ajato. So you will need to install Kepler first.
1- Operating System
Kepler runs on Linux, Windows, BSD. Im not sure about MacOS
2- Web server
Kepler runs on Apache (1 and 2), IIS, Lighttpd (Lighty) and the tailored made Xavante (its the web server made to run Kepler natively).
3- Database server
MySQL, PostgreSQL, ADO, ODBC, Oracle, JDBC, SQLite.