In abinit-8.10.1 with_math_flavor="gsl", error while compiling conducti : undefined reference to gsl_f90_sf_gamma_

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While building abinit-8.10.1 with option with-math-flavor="gsl", make aborts during compilation of conducti : undefined reference to gsl_f90_sf_gamma_ .
I suggest that in file config/specs/binaries.conf a line like
might be missing at the end of
libraries =

but I do not know for sure and I do not know how to test this suggestion. (I do not know how to use autoconf.)

More details :
1) The error message (during "make") is
../../src/32_util/lib32_util.a(m_special_funcs.o): In function `__m_special_funcs_MOD_gamma_function':
m_special_funcs.F90:(.text+0x35d3): undefined reference to `gsl_f90_sf_gamma_'

2) gsl is installed and detected by 'configure' :
checking for the requested math support... gsl
checking for gsl-config... gsl-config
checking gsl/gsl_sf_gamma.h usability... yes
checking gsl/gsl_sf_gamma.h presence... yes
checking for gsl/gsl_sf_gamma.h... yes
checking whether the specified GSL library works... yes
checking for the actual math support... gsl

3) bsepostproc is succesfully compiled just before conducti . The link options to gsl are apparent in the command line :
../../src/01_gsl_ext/lib01_gsl_ext.a -L/home/softs/libGSL/2.5/lib/ -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm

4) The compilation command for conducti does not show any reference to the gsl librairies.

Please help, and thank you very much in advance for looking into this.

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